Hand dyed ombre T shirt (was the intention)

Hi! Well I have managed to squeeze in at the last minute post for The Monthly Stitch’s Challenge “Try a new technique” although I have to admit that I don’t have anything spectacular to show off. This is just a basic T shirt, yet I dabbled in a few new techniques to create it (some successful, some not so).

First off I dyed the fabric – ombre actually.


Well, THAT is a flawless gradient

Which OBVIOUSLY didn’t work… I think that dying is for people with patience. I can totally rock a tie dye though, so I proceeded to trace a ready-to-wear t shirt I no longer wear but like the fit of.

My second ‘technique’ is sewing with knits. I have dabbled before, but it has never gone that well, however I think my luck has changed this time. Papercut patterns recently had some good tips on their blog which I found really useful and I used a combination of zig zag stitch and overlocking to put this top together easily.





I know the photos aren’t great and it looks all wrinkly and bit tight across the boobs but I think in real life/daylight it looks much better (I should also disclose that I’ve eaten half a tray of brownies today – not quite sure how – which can’t have helped!). My experience with T shirts is that they tend to loosen up after a few wears and can get a bit baggy so I would rather it a little tight to begin with. 

My third technique was attaching sleeves in the flat. It probably doesn’t even matter for knits as they are a lot easier to set in but it seemed like the quickest way to do it. 

Anyway, that’s basically it! This is soooo comfy and yeah, yeah, it’s boring but I’m happy to have a good T shirt pattern, as I wear them fairly often. I think I will forget about dying fabric next time though and just make a couple in black and white!


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