The 80’s called, they want their skirt back

Well, let’s kick this off with a sample photo from my ‘photoshoot’


Finger in frame? check. Hair in face? check. Half of dog?.. you get the picture

I originally bought this fabric for a cushion as I had seen one in the amazing, don’t-take-me-there,-I-want-everything store, Collected,  and realised the fabric was from Spotlight so I went back and bought half a metre. (Here is a sample of the cushion in case anyone is wondering). To be honest though, I made about six cushion covers when we moved into this house and am well and truly OVER them so this has been on the shelf for a few months. Recently I was keen for a quick, easy project and thought I might be able to squeeze a mini skirt out of this.

The fabric feels like a light canvas.. ie. thick but still somewhat fluid. And those dots are bright. In real life they are a fluorescent pinky-orange. Not exactly discreet, but as a particular ‘big’ birthday looms ahead this year I feel like my days of wearing this kind of thing are numbered so I may as well go for it.



I used simplicity 8664 which I have owned for at least 10 years! Due to the limited yardage I couldn’t do much in the way of pattern matching but I did what I could and it turned out pretty good! Actually it was a bit off at the side seams which is why I added the black grosgrain, but I think it gives it bit more of a ‘structural’ look… maybe… kinda..


So what if the ‘waistband’ doesn’t quite match up… focus on that exemplary pattern matching!

This is kind of a strange make – I know oversized fluorescent spotted mini skirts will not appeal to everyone, but I have to say I quite like this quirky addition to my wardrobe.


Maybe not the best clothing choice for a job interview, but as the photos show it is totally fine for playing with the dog (erm getting humped by the dog) and jumping around.

I have been having a bit of an urrrgh sewing time lately. I tried to make adjustments/’draft’ part of a dress that just hasn’t worked out. Being able to draft is my dream but I really haven’t had a lot of luck with it. I am going back to Uni in March and am very aware that my ‘free time’ opportunities are running out. Panic stations…


5 thoughts on “The 80’s called, they want their skirt back

  1. It looks fab! Might be a bit limited to what to wear it with, think anything other than black and you might look a OTT, but it definately suits you! Sometimes it the crazy fabrics thaat take you by surpise and work out well!

  2. Heh, heh, heh, Blog title, pics, LOL. I think this skirt is adorable, looks great on you. And, GREAT pattern matching up the back seam. Since the dot pattern is so symmetrical, I think if you didn’t match here, it would not have looked very good, so YAY! And, actually, I think the addition of the black grosgrain lines make the skirt look much more 60s mod and less 80s bright.

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