Strawberry shorts

Hiya! I’ve changed my blog template (again) as the last one didn’t have a sidebar and I wanted to put buttons and whatnot down the side. It will probably be an evolving thing as I keep figuring out the limitations of each template – I suppose WordPress would rather I purchased a custom one, huh?

I just have a quick post today as sadly, the shorts don’t fit. Well they just fit but I’m pretty sure you’d rather not see what that looks like!


I used Burda 7550 which is a good little pattern that uses less than a metre of fabric. The fact that it doesn’t have pockets helps this, but I think that pockets are almost essential in shorts so I might have to try and add some in next time. Burda had been very naughty though and sold me a pattern that was printed out of registration.



I had to navigate all the lines and am pretty sure I cut out my piece as it should be.

The shorts were really easy to put together. I’m a bit gutted they are too small and am kicking myself for cutting out the pattern piece at that size. Oh well, I’ll give them another shot sometime.

We are off to Brisbane this afternoon to visit Kelvin’s family and attend Harry’s Lorhi, which is a Punjabi celebration for baby boys (a little sexist huh?). It will be my first time attending their Gudwara (temple) and I get to wear a sari etc. Exciting! Actually it is not just for Harry but a few other babies from their temple, which is good because I fear that with the time difference he will be asleep before the party starts! I’m a little concerned about the weather over there – it has been over 40°C in the last few weeks. I really could have done with that extra pair of shorts…!


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