Butterick 6582

Good morning! I have had an unusual start to the day (for me) – up at 6.30am with the rest of the family. I have to admit that Kelvin is usually responsible for feeding the animals and changing Harry while I lie in bed saying “10 more minutes, 10 more minutes…”. I even made it to the dog park before 8am then came home to a little sewing (so productive!). Before I took my maternity leave I imagined that every day was going to be like that. Hmm not so.

Anyway, this quick spot of sewing bought with it a revelation (and sadly not the kind that results in a nobel prize). So, the line on my sewing plate that I thought marked 5/8″, does not mark  5/8″, it is actually more like 3/8″. Actually there is no 5/8″ line, just a tiny marking – the lines all refer to centimetres. I have been using that pseudo 5/8″ line as my standard seam line since forever, which goes some way to explaining why most of the things I’ve made have been too big. Guys, this changes everything …

Anyway onto my dress.


Pale face again! Not sure how to get rid of the lower torso wrinkles. Any advice welcome!


I’ve had the fabric in my stash for a wee while – it’s perfectly fine fabric but just so boring. I’ve also had the pattern (Butterick 6582) awhile as I made the full skirted version a few years ago. Isn’t the cover illustration just to die for?  Anyway, I thought the combination of the two might work (and was free) so I got stuck in.

This is a really easy pattern but of course there was a bit of alteration to be done (which in hindsight was obviously due to my stingy seam allowance). Luckily I just had to mess with the darts and side seams to get a not quite perfect but good enough for me result.

The fabric is a bit thick for the ruching at the shoulder seams, but it’s OK. This dress screams “office appropriate attire”, but I think it could become more exciting if I were to make a one shouldered version by loosing the left shoulder pattern piece and figuring out how to draft the back that way.


Maybe a little tight on my tush and there are a few wrinkles, but I would like to blame the fabric for making them look worse 🙂


A close up. There is a little stretch in the fabric and it is thick enough to ‘hold it all in’.


I call this my ‘red carpet pose’. Felt pretty stupid doing it but maybe those celebs are onto something?

Anyway I am going to get back to my sewing – now with new, improved seam allowances.


3 thoughts on “Butterick 6582

  1. Great dress! I have got the pattern and some chocolate orange taffeta to make it up in, for my son’s 21st so was delighted to see how gorgeous it looks! Hope mine turns out as fantastic!

  2. This looks lovely, your fabric choice looks like it works perfectly with the shape & fit of the dress. And I hear you on the early starts- I was convinced I’d be up early with my baby but we both end up going back to sleep till 10 after his morning feed- taking the sleep where I can!

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