Long enough to cover the topic, short enough to keep interest.

I can thank Kelvin for that title as that’s what he said when I asked him what he thought of this dress!

I finished this a couple of weeks ago but managed to delete all but two of the photos. It’s a simple silhouette, yet I la-la-love this dress! It’s the same pattern as the black dress in this post, New Look 6144, but I cut the whole thing in size 8 this time not just the front panel (an accident last time) and added a lining to add stability to the thin-ish fabric. Actually – it’s not quite the same, I used the other pleating option at the neckline. Anyway it’s about a thousand times better.


I started decorating our blackboard wall on New Year’s Day but didn’t get too far. Not sure if 2014 is meant to have the ‘and’ but that’s how I always say it…

I had to make a few adjustments to the darts and the back bunches a wee bit, butΒ seriously,Β it is ridiculously hard to do back adjustments without a helpful minion, soΒ que sera sera.


Yip, I do need to work on my time trial speed!


A lapped zipper in the back

I considered doing long or 3/4 sleeves but went with the short sleeves – will have to make another for autumn.


Fabric close up. I suppose those are printed buttons?


I lined it in a thin, grey, super comfy, cotton. I forgot to sandwich the lining pleats inside but luckily they’re not very bulky. The sleeves are a bit wrinkly because it’s just been worn.

I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration! I was fortunate that the weather was fine and we could pitch our tent in the backyard for our staycation. I got dolled up (for the fun of it), we cooked burgers on our new camping stove, watched a DVD in the tent, let off some fireworks and wrote short letters to open next NYE. It was a simple night at home with the whanau but we really had a great time and it flew by. Alfie has had his last set of vaccinations so we are finally able to take him out in public and have been spending time and the beach, the park and going for a couple of walks a day. We’ve set up Harry’s paddling pool in the back yard and all squeezed in there today for a dip. 2014 has gotten off to a great start!



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