The Monthly Stitch: ‘Tis the season to party

Happy 2014 to you!


Here is my fashionably late contribution to The Monthly Stitch’s December challenge, I hope there are still a few stragglers on the dance floor who are prepared to attempt the caterpillar with me and maybe even sneak into the VIP area. For the party theme I chose to make v1348, a Tom and Linda Platt for Vogue design. I bought the pattern in a $5 sale at Spotlight, and with all the excitement that comes with sale shopping, I neglected to notice that the dress was underlined, lined and included a petticoat. A bit trickier than I’d thought. 



I made this as a wearable muslin so didn’t want to spend a lot on the fabric – I actually thought the main fabric was a bit darker (close to black) but in the light of day it is brown, which is not a colour I ever wear. It’s dark though, so I think it looks OK. I wanted an exciting colored lining and found lining fabric and petticoat organza in this fantastic greeny turquoise. Sorry to be a bit vague on the fabric types but I don’t know them instinctively and the cheapy store they are from does not label anything! Now that I’ve muslined it I will be happy to spend a bit more if (when) I make it again. Feeling a bit guilty as I am trying to be more mindful about my fabric purchases. 


Construction was fairly straightforward but halfway through I realised I should have cut a smaller size, so the alterations were a bit of a nightmare. I always feel nervous starting off smaller, but I have wasted soooo much time on adjustments recently that I think I’m getting braver. 


Oooh what’s this? Gotta love a dress with pockets.

My fabric had a minor problem with pins leaving holes, but I tried the old ‘massage them away’ solution and I think I’ve gotten away with it. I hemmed the dress with heat-and-bond tape and didn’t do the tidiest job of it as the garment’s weight meant it kept slipping off the ironing board. Any stitching would have been really noticeable though so I think it was a good idea.


The innards. And in the background Alfie lurks, looking for stray pattern pieces to maul.

During the process I was feeling quite unenthusiastic about the final product but thankfully my 2013 mantra of finishing (most) projects meant that I persevered and as a result I am really happy with this. I think it would look great made in other colours and prints and I love the fact that it is secretly a bit frou frou. 

Anyway, I think my song just came on and I just have to dance, would you mind holding onto my mojito?


4 thoughts on “The Monthly Stitch: ‘Tis the season to party

    • Oh cool, I will keep an eye out to see if you sew it up 🙂 I haven’t made another version – life has been all about kids since then and I just don’t have the opportunity to wear many party dresses – however I still have a soft spot for that pattern so hopefully I will make it again some time!

      • haha same here, which is why I sometimes overdress to … er …get the mail or do grocery shopping 😉 It will probably take me a few months to make this one!

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