Minty blouse

Happy Holidays! It’s raining here so we have been cooped up inside for most of the last week, which is the perfect sewing opportunity but I have to confess to doing almost none. There’s just something about Christmas that makes me extremely lazy, good only for watching bad telly and snacking constantly. Sucks for me that everyone on my bloglovin feed appears to be holidaying too,I could easily kill a few hours living vicariously through other people’s sewing projects right now! Due to baby/puppy, our New Years Eve plan was to go camping in the back yard so we could use our new camping stove and play cards under the stars/have a few drinks/let off some leftover fireworks from Guy Fawkes. We’ll have to see how the weather holds up…

I have a couple of (boring, if I’m honest) things leftover from this year to post about so hopefully I will squeeze them in so that next year can begin with some exciting projects. I have also been meaning to make a list of my sewing goals for 2014, but it is quite long and disparate right now and needs refining.

Here is a little shirt I finished recently – a UFO from a couple of years ago. I made almost all of it but balked at the idea of buttonholes and left it to wither. Now that I have revisited it, it’s not something I imagine I will wear, but the point of this blog was to encourage myself to finish projects, so here it is anyway. 




A close up of the (wrinkly) fabric. It’s probably needs a bit more ease and could do with a good iron! I promise I hemmed it straight but the front piece sticks out a bit making it look crooked 😦

As you can see it is really short! Instead of hemming it properly I overlocked the bottom and folded it under about 1/4″ as the length would have gotten ridiculous had I taken off any more. The fabric is really sweet but quite see-through and I was excited to find perfectly matching buttons. I didn’t follow the sleeve instructions properly – the elastic was supposed to go in a casing but I popped it into the hem as I had already sewn it that way when I originally began this and really couldn’t be bothered unpicking. They are a bit poofy for my style – perhaps if they were a bit longer with a band it would look more grown up. 


Here is the pattern. I don’t really know why I didn’t just buy a basic shirt pattern instead of one with ruffles? Those red pants crack me up.

And because there is no way I would wear a midriff length button down, here is what it looks like tucked in:


Totally rocking the pointy-dart-nipples

I think without the poofy sleeves (or at least, less poofy) it is passable and perhaps if my pattern drafting skills improved I could use this pattern to make a cooler, longer version.

Ok well I better get going, snacks to be eaten and all that..


2 thoughts on “Minty blouse

  1. I actually like the poufy sleeves! I think it’s a very cute blouse. You know how you can ‘fix’ the bottom part, where there is no room for another button, but it gapes? You can put a tiny snap on the inside of both side and then it should hold together nicely.

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