Spotty dress update

Hiya, just thought I would give you an update on the spotty Vogue dress I was working on in early November. It is all done now – yippee! I feel very pleased with myself that I actually came back and finished it within a few weeks, rather than in a few years! I unpicked the zip and installed it again, trying to gain a little more room in the waist, but was really only able to add a few millimeters. It does (just) fit and I don’t think it would be worth going up a size if I were to make this again – I think the underlining and french seams combined have resulted in a tighter fit than usual.Image

I took the shoulder seams in a couple of centimeters, but was quite limited in what I could do as the width of the the front and back straps would not have matched if I removed much more – it needs to be altered earlier in the process. I also removed the lowest pair of ruffles, but if I made this again I would try it sans ruffles.

It’s not really visible in these pictures (or noticeable in real life) but some of the bodice darts are on the outside, which is kind of strange.


What I currently spend 90% of my day doing

So that’s basically it. I might wear this (maybe to a family get together or something) and might make it again, I am not particularly excited about the garment itself but I am really proud that I finished it so well and am learning some skillz.


Ringo helped with this project

Can’t believe 2013 is coming to an end – this year has flown by, which I say every year of course! I am currently using Christmas as an excuse to make chocolate truffles, but they are not quite setting and I can’t resist doing a taste test every time I open the fridge (which is surprisingly often). I am not convinced there will be enough mixture left to make the actually truffles!


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