Because there aren’t enough cats on the internet.

Continuing my ‘finishing old projects before I start anything new’ has led to the creation of this.


My younger sister lives in Wellington and is a sometimes-keen seamstress. Before moving there a few years ago she lived in our home town, which is quite sparse on fabric shops. So when she came to visit me in Auckland (really it was for a concert with her friends) I took her out to Spotlight for some sister-to-sister bonding/shopping. Somehow I ended up buying about 35cm of this stupid cat quilting cotton (ahh the jovial nature of shopping with friends) and instead of discarding it, I have been haunted by the challenge of incorporating it into a garment. Fast forward a year or so and it has finally become a dress.

I’m not sure if this one will be worn in public, but actually it is not at bad as I thought it would be. I used the same pattern as my black roses dress but made up the straps, which I like. The skirt fabric is really a bit too thin and needed a proper iron in the photos because the seams look a bit puckered and the pleats are just hanging there.


I sewed along the top of the bodice because the lining kept poking out. I know it’s not the most professional finish but I don’t think this will be appearing at any black tie events and I have limited patience with these old projects.


I am not sure if there is a technical name for this zip insertion it’s exposed at the top and covered at the bottom, ha! It accidentally turned out like that but it looks tidy-ish so I just left it. The area round the buttons looks all wrinkly and tight but the top edge is actually turned over in the photo and Kelvin neglected to notice. (I showed him the photo and he said “How am I supposed to notice that” as if details like seams and buttonholes are of little interest on a sewing blog). From what I can see looking backwards in a mirror, it looks a bit better than that when it’s sitting flat.


I don’t have many more items in my unfinished pile so hopefully I will get some new projects underway soon. I am try to diminish the fabric stash a little too, but I do find myself thinking “????” about some of my past purchasing decisions when I go through the pile.

We had an uneventful weekend, but with a couple of nice catch ups/bbqs. Gotta say I am a big fan of the pot-luck format of dining though it generally results in overindulging! It is getting really hot here now, but we are house-bound a lot (rather than beach-bound) because Alfie still has a few vaccinations to go and is not allowed to touch public terrain. Seriously it is ridiculous. I have taken him out for a few walks in the undercarriage of the pram but it’s not ideal. Don’t know how our christmas trip to my parents is going to go..


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