From November

A quick post of a few random things.

My initial plan for The Monthly Stitch “from a sewing book” was to make this top from the Burdastyle Handbook.


I really like how the book shows how each project can be altered to make a plethora of looks.


So cool!

I was hoping it really was that easy to transform the 12+ piece pattern but I think my level of ability is still lacking a bit for this. I know it’s not that complicated but I suspect you need both time and patience. Damn

Anyway I set out to make the basic unadulterated top. But this was my first time working with a Burda add-your-own seam allowances pattern and, feeling particularly unmotivated, I decided to (sacre bleu!)Β eyeball it. Obviously we all know how this story is going to turn out. I don’t think my ‘guestimation’ was too far out, but the scene had been set for dodgy construction and the fabric choice only seemed to enhance the project’s demise. I thought the bue fabric from my stash was 100% cotton but some of the threads actually dissolved as I ironed them. The sleeve gathers resulted in a pointy shoulder, the neckline is whack and the tie casing is a lot fatter and higher than it’s supposed to be.


Almost done, but I can not. be. bothered.

I still quite like the idea of this top and all it’s variations so perhaps I will try it again with a little more attention to detail someday.

Another of my grand ideas for The Monthly Stitch involved dying fabric. (I have since realisedΒ that obviouslyΒ it is better to have one solid plan than to get over excited with several). While dying I threw in a few extra pieces to try out some wrapping techniques. This is an attempt at ombre which is a little more ‘tie dye’ but I don’t mind. I was surprised by how dull the fabric looks post-dying though. I wonder if there’s anything you can do about that or if it comes down to fabric selection?


Any finally, I am not a knitter but I spotted this book at the library – Ha!



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