Drapey skirt

Let me just preface this post by saying my hair looks so gross in these photos! We took Harry swimming beforehand and I forgot to take my shampoo and conditioner to the pool. Seriously, I ALWAYS forget to take something – sometimes it’s the dreaded underwear scenario, but usually it’s more like a hairbrush or hair tie. Recently I left my entire makeup in the changing room and didn’t get it back… arrgh so annoying. (And on a side note, I have been considering trying the ‘baking soda as shampoo’ routine, has anyone tried this?)

OK, so this skirt is sort of a muslin. I probably won’t wear it, but I guess it was made to be a wearable muslin. The pattern is Β Mc Calls 6439Β and I think the fabric is a printed polyester from Geoffs Emporium. Can I just say that this print reminds of either something you would see on a airline/bank uniform or the upholstery on public transport.


This is yet another unfinished project from days gone by. As I mentioned in my last post, the sizing for this was a bit off and I had to take it in an inch or so through the back seam. Because the lining had already been attached by the time I realised the sizing problem and the front pleating is a bit complicated, it would have been difficult to make the adjustments through the side seams. As a result the side seams probably sit a bit further back than they should. In the end it is still a bit big around the waist anyway and feels better when IΒ  hike it up a little. I think I may have gotten the left and right sides mixed up – not sure if the pleats are facing the right ways.


Hiked up to my natural waist. Not sure if you can see, but there are pockets – pretty awesome!

It is a bit of a fail as a muslin because I will definitely go down a size anyway next time I make this. I think it would be cute in either a plain colour or a less structured print, like a floral. It is lined as part of the instructions and I just used that normal cheap lining that you get from the fabric store. This is going to sound stupid but until recently I didn’t realise that there were other options for lining. I knew that it was possible to use fashion fabric but I thought that was kind of naughty. Anyway I really don’t like that lining, it seems to fray and pull terribly and is horrible to sew. Obviously that is just my experience and I am probably going to discover I have been using the wrong tension or needle or something.


One last photo – I thought the perspective of this one looked like I was a tiny person. How tall IS Kelvin??

We have had a busy weekend – mainly getting used to Alfie. He seems to have two states, crazy or asleep, and things can get pretty hectic when Harry is playing on his mat then Alfie starts tearing round the house. We visited some friends on Saturday and went for a nice beach walk and were treated to some of their Christmas baking – stollen and candied nuts. I have to admit that I haven’t even begun thinking about Christmas and it seems unlikely that we will put up a tree with the current baby/animal situation! Yesterday we went to Waiheke Island for a friends barbeque, which is about 40 minutes away by ferry. It is a really great laid back, arty sort of place, with plenty of vineyards and beautiful beaches. We spent most of our time eating and lazying on the deck in the sun and it was awesome to have everybody else look after the puppy! Ahh, I love summer time although it means that sewing becomes a bit of a rarity.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!



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