Vogue 8603 in Blue Leopard

So, this skirt I have to show you has been unfinished since I don’t know when. I actually don’t remember starting this Vogue 8603 pattern but I know it has been in my sewing box for a couple of years at least. Although it was a really simple make, I managed to sew my zip into the wrong seam (there are 3 front panels and 2 back panels, obviously far too complicated for me!). I guess I was not in the mood for unpicking so I tossed it aside. Luckily for it, I am on a finishing rampage!


Wherever I stand in the garden it seems like my face is way lighter than my body in photos???!!! Was thinking it might be the spf in my moisturiser bouncing the light back or something whack like that? Hmmm.


A reoccurring problem I am having with the unfinished pile is that some pieces are no longer my size. I have been up and down in weight (and very up – ie, pregnant!) and I currently seem to be at the lower end of my scale, so most of these old projects need down-sizing. I think I took in every seam by 5mm and it seems to fit pretty well. The fabric is a medium weight stretch cotton, which is really nice to wear. And if you are thinking this all looks very familiar, you have probably seen Sophie Lee’s (awesome!) skirt from Gerties book. I was pretty amazed when I saw hers shortly after I had relocated mine to the ‘to do’ pile because its not the most common fabric.


Regular ‘from behind’ shot


‘From behind’ shot directed by Kelvin – ha! (I am reaching for an apple)

I handstitched the hem and finished the waistband off with a bias cut length of stretch pleather (?). I poorly inserted a hook and eye at the top of the zip, but that doesn’t matter too much because the waistband (if you can call it that) doesn’t match up too well anyway. 


I quite like this skirt actually. It feels really comfortable – not too tight or constrictive even though there isn’t a slit/vent. I might struggle to find many tops in my wardrobe that suit it, however I do have leopard print top, cardi and shoes that I was considering wearing if there is an occasion that calls for it – haha. 

Some exciting but non-sewing related news is we got a puppy! Currently unnamed, but Alfie appears to be the frontrunner. He is a schnack (schnauzer/jack russell cross) and so cute! Our cat, Ringo, is pretty freaked out right now, which considering puppy’s size, is pretty ridiculous. Poor Ring. I have tried to get a good photo but it’s been near impossible to keep him still. I did manage to take a few when he and Harry first got acquainted though.


Anyway, we are having a lazy Saturday night in (which really doesn’t need saying as it is basically what we do every Saturday night). I am attempting to make baguettes to go with our minestrone – they smell pretty good, lets hope they taste good too. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

p.s obviously it takes forever to crop photos/ upload/ publish etc. so my baguettes are ready! They look super fancy but to be honest they are a bit doughy on the inside. Ahh well..


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