I have been sewing on-and-off since I was a teenager when I mainly made things that required little fitting, such as A line skirts. I bought my own machine when I was about 21 and did a little sewing but then went overseas and left my machine behind (I lived in Leeds for 3 years). When I returned to NZ I lived in a series of sharehouses and I’m sure any flatters will agree that it is not the best space for sewing – you either have to squeeze everything into your bedroom or spread out across one of the ‘public’ spaces (which involves an annoying cycle of constant packing and unpacking of equipment). Also I’m pretty sure my flatmates thought that this was a very strange thing I was doing, I mean who sews anymore?!…

So although I have been a sewer for a long period I have not really developed much since the early days. OK can I just ask, is sewer a word? Or am I saying sewer, like where rats (and the teenage mutant ninja turtles) live?. Often I had half-finished items because I realized that the outcome was not going to look the way I’d imagined, and if I did finish a project it likely didn’t fit well or was finished badly.

Last year Kelvin and I moved into our own place, which has allowed me the space to have a big table (albeit, one made from a door) that I can spread my things across and leave for as long as I like. I  even had my own sewing room for a few months before Harry came along, but of course I didn’t feel like sewing at all while pregnant (truth be told, I didn’t feel like doing much, except complaining about my condition!).  

So like everything these days I began googling when I had a sewing question and slowly discovered that there were thousands of sewing bloggers with resources and information and helpful/complimentary comments. And now I have read more than I imagined possible and I have learnt about tailors hams,  french seams and hand picked zips. And suddenly it feels that it would be wrong to buy $4/m fabric from the emporium and shoddily whip something up in an afternoon. I feel like I want to do things properly with custom-fit traced patterns and a muslin and whipstiching. (So tough for an impatient personality like mine!). Where before I sewed for the love of sewing, it now seems like a waste to put so much into a project then discard it once I’ve finished. 

So in the last week I have made two muslins from Burda Magazine patterns. Both need adjustment. I am going to enlist the help of Colette’s book and hopefully can rope my guy into helping. I am not really sure if Burda mag patterns are the best but I suppose they can’t be too different than any other sort. It’s times like these that I wish I had a wise nana or just a real life (more advanced) sewing friend! Fingers crossed that I figure this fitting thing out and don’t end up with darts in strange places!


Sorry for the terrible photo, taking a more-than-just-your-face selfie is a real compromise between getting the clothing details in or having a phone in front of your face! Much easier to just cut the face off. As you can see the bust is too tight but the decolletage and waist seem a bit loose. And don’t even mention the pointy boobs. Gahh!


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