From a book: rope blouse

Hey guys! Well I feel a little embarrassed posting this garment, but at the rate I’m going it doesn’t look like I’ll have much to show for “from a book” month, so it’s going to have to do for now. I have started another two tops but my interest in them is waning. 

Although this challenge was awesome because I discovered that my library has heaps of great sewing books (colette, burdastyle, gerties, home sewn..), I just wasn’t feeling any of the patterns. To be honest I have a lot of unused patterns at home that I would rather try out so I was looking for something simple that I could make up with some of the fabric in my stash. 


I found a top in Chic & Simple Sewing which looked easy, so I raided my stash and found some great rope print fabric.


OK, OK so the fabric is weird. I actually bought this a few years ago, most likely from Geoffs emporium for $4/m, for a jumpsuit (which had a rope drawstring!)… seriously I do not know what I was thinking and before you ask, it has never been worn. Thankfully I seem to have (mostly) gotten over my ‘but it’s soooo cheap’ phase and go for slightly better fabrics these days. I have no idea what the composition of this is but I’m hazarding a guess that it is low on natural fibres.


That little bow at the hem is so annoying!

 This was really easy to throw together yet I still managed to mess it up a little. I am pretty much a D grade student when it comes to gathering. Add in this slippery-ish fabric and it’s all too much, the result is… pointy shoulders. Actually the exact same problem just happened with one of the other tops I am making which is why I have lost interest in it. Realistically though, I would probably still wear the pointy shoulders and pretend to myself they were fine. This also took a bit longer than it should have because I was on a french seam kick after the last dress I worked on, so I did those throughout.


I can’t really decide if I like this style of top or not. I think that above-bust-gathers can have a tendency to give women a ‘bosom’ which I don’t particularly like on myself. However, perhaps if I trimmed a couple of inches of the sides it would be a bit better? Also I like the idea that the yoke could be a different fabric than the rest. I think I will keep my newspaper-traced-pattern pieces just incase – maybe the right fabric will inspire me to whip up another.

Anyway, I can’t believe I have managed to write so much about what is essentially a square with sleeves! Looking forward to seeing everybody else’s and hopefully I will get top #2 and #3 finished.


2 thoughts on “From a book: rope blouse

  1. I have this book and have made several things from it! Which pattern is this, exactly, the babydoll top? I think it’s really cute, love the fabric. And, now, I have found your blog from The Monthly Stitch and am now following it in my WP reader. Excited to share sewing with you!

    • Thanks. I think it’s the baby doll top – I don’t have the book to hand but it’s the black one with tiny white polka dots. It looks really cute in the picture! Thanks for following me, I enjoy looking at your projects too!

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