Simplicity 1887

Well I do love dresses but for the last couple of years I have been living in shorts when summer rolls around. So now that the beautiful long sunny days have begun here in Auckland I thought I should try to make some, as they are generally pretty easy and don’t use a lot of fabric. I choose Simplicity 1887 because I have another pair of tie front shorts that I love and the pants version looks great for lounging round the house in.


Ignore that wrinkly top – I need a photographer who notices those things!

The fabric was in my stash – but I only bought it a couple of months ago, half price at Spotlight (maybe $9/m). It’s 100% cotton and you can use either side, it’s the same pattern but different shades of blue – I’m sure that might have a name but I’m not sure of it!

The pattern was really easy to put together, but when I was almost at the end (had just inserted the elastic waistband) I tried the shorts on and they just looked so boring! At that point the pockets were the same lighter side of the fabric as the rest of the shorts so I unpicked them and swapped them over. I think they look a little bit better now but possibly a bit like little kids shorts with the colour contrast. Things never look how I imagine they will!

Once I had the pockets sorted I tried then on again and the sides looked so puffy and they were so long and nerdy!


Not loving these

I couldn’t stand them and I thought I would have to remove the waistband before making any adjustments (so couldn’t be bothered). I was ready to give up, but decided to take the sides in a few centimeters without removing the waistband… and it worked, yippee! The hemming was a bit of a nightmare – I always struggle to get my hems straight but this time I finished my hemming, tried them on and one leg was about 4 centimeters shorter than the other. whoops! I was going to hand stitch but decided to just overlock the seams then sew them down and I think it looks fine. 



I am pretty happy with these. To be honest I am not really a fan of elastic waistbands on the butt, but I don’t mind these so much and I know that even if I don’t wear them out they will get heaps of use at home in my garden. Hmmmm can I sneak a garden photo (montage!) in? I LOVE my garden!!


I also think these will look great in the pants style and they should be super fast to make now that I have done them once. 



5 thoughts on “Simplicity 1887

  1. Haha – my photographer never notices wrinkles, either (or loose threads, or bra straps showing, or random fluff stuck to my outfit…) Your shorts worked out great in the end – super cute!

    • Thanks! It’s is really warm here now (a bit too warm sometimes, but I really shouldn’t complain). Ohh you should make a winter coat, that is on my list for next year.

      • I am still managing to wear my beautiful lace trench…… Going to be hard to put that away till Spring……. And will be a challenge to make another coat as good! Haha I have my eye on some navy wool! And I just ordered a pattern!!!

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