Fun stuff

Hi! Well I have done a few bits of sewing this week but don’t have anything finished to show yet. I was making a pair of shorts that I was hoping would become a wearable muslin, but my the random bits of material I had lying around don’t look as great as I’d hoped – I’m hoping the real thing turns out better. I have also been working on the ‘from a sewing book’ project for the monthly stitch. I am trying two different top patterns which are pretty simple really, but I am still managing to have problems!

My little boy turned 6 months old yesterday, woohoo! I thought I could show a few projects on here that I have made for his room. Full disclosure: I have copied some of these things from pinterest etc but I don’t have the links for them all anymore. I know that’s probably really bad but I made most of it awhile ago and I can’t be bothered trying to find it again online… but I promise I will put in links in the future!


Sorry for the terrible lighting

Okay well this is a picture looking in the door of his room. I went a bit crazy hanging garlands up… I bought some cheap pom poms and threaded them onto wool and also cut out some felt stars and sewed them together in a strand. The bunting on the back wall is generic homemade stuff (probably every home seamstress has a few of these hanging up round the house). I painted the bear canvas, it’s pretty silly – Kelvin said it looks like a thumb. The lampshade idea is from an online tutorial – you basically construct loads of origami squares then hot glue them to a round paper lantern. Close up it’s far from perfect, but no one really sees this apart from us so I don’t care!

I also made the roman blinds although as soon as I started I regretted the print.. it’s just a bit too much! They are pretty easy to make but so hard to fit perfectly – working with large bits of fabric is not my favourite thing, measurements get way too difficult unless you have a decent workspace and tools. Kelvin and I also spent AGES painting all the furniture white, except those drawers you can see but we quite like them that way.


A close up of the cushions I made, both poached from pinterest. The cloud (if you can tell that’s what it is) is a bit of a weird shape.. meh!



This is a bunch of soft toys I made – I started all the girls before he was born so I quickly made the boy one afterwards. Not that I am against boys with dolls or anything… I doubt he will care. I just realised that the Indian doll’s sari has slipped  down – cheeky! There is also a Maori doll (complete with piu piu made from a coffee sack) and a fluro yellow haired lass. I got the pattern from here and the eyes from here which I embroidered/drew on. Those big eyes are a bit weird. These were fiddly sewing but I loved coming up with their outfits and fabric choices. The shoelaces are really cute and you can’t see it but the indian girl has a little gold bracelet which I take great joy in.

I made the stripey teddy from an old jumper and his neck was so floppy that I knitted the scarf to help stabilise it! I am an extremely novice knitter though and it has curled up terribly. The tiki was a piece of fabric a friend of mine screenprinted about 10 years ago – I blanket stitched it to the felt. These have a lot of flaws but they were fun!


Harry’s Auntie sent him a cool Bowie onesie!


I made a couple of spare fitted sheets for the bassinet and this woollen blanket, the idea for which I copied from a friend. I cut a small piece from a big blanket and finished the edges with blanket stitch and added a little pattern. Cheap and warm!


With the remaining fabric from the bassinet sheets and some towelling, wadding and special plastic fabric I made a pad for his change table. He had another thin plastic one but would cry when we lay him on it because it was cold on his bum!

Anyway, that is it – sorry if this is a baby spam post! Hopefully I get some sewing projects completed this week. 




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