Vogue 1190



I thought I would post about a dress I have been working on… but not quite finished. It has been a labour of love over the last week – every time Harry went to sleep I would try to get a bit more done and I have been trying sooooo hard with this pattern. I am usually the queen of cutting corners, but the instructions actually include french seams and some other “fancy”/tidy techniques like a invisible zip so I decided that I would take my time with this and do all the proper things like grading seams and washing my fabric first. Yes, I have never washed my fabric first before. tut tut. 



I like the back straps!

So the pattern is a Tracey Reese for Vogue, 1190, that I’ve had sitting around for awhile and the fabric is some I bought for a different project that I hadn’t gotten round to. Because it was slightly see through I underlined it with a white cotton. Having said that, I don’t really know if underlining is what I think it is… I basically just used an extra layer of fabric, but sewed the two as if they were one (except I sandwiched all the darts in the middle). I think the seams might be a bit bulky (even though I graded them – flash!!), but i’m not too bothered.



Check out those french seams! Check out that handstitching! My best work ever.

I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve just installed the zipper but still need to finish the zipper seams and hem, but I need a little more ease in the waist so am going to unpick it. …. and now that I’ve seen it on for the first time I am finding those ruffles a tad ridiculous! The bodice also needs to be taken in a bit at the shoulders.


Seriously, I feel like Austin Powers with these ruffles!

 So after all that hard work I am feeling a bit over it, but am going to put it aside for a day or two to do something more fun, then address the ease and perhaps remove the ruffles. Promise I will get back to it.. !!



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