Here are my items for The Monthly Stitch Frocktober challenge. Excluding the black dress, these have all been lurking in my sewing pile half-completed for months, so I didn’t really have to do that much work. It feels great to finally get them finished, although to be completely fair two of them don’t quite fit and another is not something I would ever wear!


So the first dress I made from Vogue V8723 (patterns at the bottom of post). This is a nice simple pattern and the kind of silhouette I feel comfortable in. I also think that I could add embellishments or a collar etc. to the basic pattern to add a bit of diversity. The fabric I used was a light cotton and I also lined the bodiceΒ  and made the skirt pockets in some thinner red cotton fabric (eek, not very specific I know. It was kind of like muslin? I will make sure I note down names in the future). I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern and I think it fits me perfectly. The only problem was that as I was overlocking the hem I accidentally cut into the bodice and left a V shaped inch long gash in the front. Due to the busy print I don’t think you can really see my hand stitched fix though.

My son, Harry, is in the pictures with me because this was my last shoot of the day (don’t I sound like a supermodel?), by which time he had woken up grumpy and would NOT be put down. It was a bit awkward holding him yet trying to show off the dress, which is why he looks as if he is in an invisible front-pack on the right!


Okay this dress is obviously the same pattern and I’m pretty sure it’s the same size, yet it is definitely too big. Hmmm. You can (sort of) see in the side-on picture that it is gaping a bit around the back and the boobs. The pictures don’t look too bad, but it’s definitely noticeable in real life. I used thicker fabrics for both the bodice and the skirt, but I omitted the pockets. I love pockets in dresses but I sometimes (often) laziness prevails. When I see this on the hanger it looks a bit girly but I actually quite like it on, so hopefully it will get worn at some point.


This version is also too big in the bodice and I’m not sure if the neckline is a bit high? The red fabric is more rigid than the light, floaty, patterned cotton and it just felt wrong when I attached them so I decided to alter the skirt into a ‘puffball’. I used simplicity 8664 as a lining, which I attached the gathered skirt too. As with the above dress, the zip is not exactly discreet. I have inserted so many zips in my time, but still have problems with them!


This dress is made from Burda 7829, which I have had for years. Maybe 10? The fabric has a bit of stretch and is also a good thickness (where you don’t have to wear a bra!). The bodice looks a bit lop-sided in these pictures but I don’t think it is, and the skirt has a weird pattern repetition thing happening on the upper left. There is also a bit of creasing across the waist so perhaps I will avoid wearing it to any all-you-can-eat buffets or little and friday. Aside from all that I am pretty happy with this. I don’t know if it will get a huge amount of wear (it’s kind of… revealing), but I think the fit is good and it was easy enough to construct. And IT’S FINISHED, which is pretty amazing considering how many house moves this thing has been through in the sewing pile.


OK, final dress is New Look 6144 and this thing is all wrong. I think I like the fabric, but I can’t even be sure of that now! I’m not sure it was right for this pattern – a bit too floaty and thin. I did not alter this from the packet size 10 except for (accidentally) using a size 8 front. I mean, seriously?! By the time I realized I had cut it all out, so decided to just roll with it. It didn’t really make much of a difference to the construction, strangely things seemed to line up OK (which probably says a bit about my attention-to-detail or lack thereof). I really hate the sleeves.


They are so puffy and weird! The sleeve is actually made of two pieces, a front and a back, which I have not encountered before and I think it makes the puffiness worse. I am wondering if I remove them and do something sleeveless or short-sleeved it might look better? The fit is a bit strange though anyway and I think it might be a bit long. Hmmm.. I’m not sure. It might be salvageable somehow, might have to ponder a bit longer.


Anyway, that is my frocktober round up and my first ever blog post. yippee! I still have three or four dresses that are unfinished that I *might* try to get done in the next week or so, but we are heading to melbourne for a few days so it’s probably unlikely. Thanks for visiting!

*p.s this font is really big! I am going to try to change that somehow. And my pictures don’t seem to be the same size as the column.. hmm. Will have to look into that too.


8 thoughts on “Frocktober

  1. hi Naomi, I just had to come over to your blog from the monthly stitch to check out your beautiful makes in detail.
    my favourite is still the orange, ( gorgeous ! ).
    and then definitely the puff skirt, this looks sooo nice on you , I love the bodice material on the one with the red skirt, and the floral stretchy one is retro fantastic.
    the last one is such beautiful fabric, but I agree it just isn’t making the most of you.
    I would biff the sleeves and shorten the length , you have a great figure !
    I am new to blogging too, so I appreciate your struggles, : /
    : )

  2. Congratulations on your new blog! I love all of your dresses and I think Harry makes the best accessory!
    I started blogging about 3 months ago (because of the Monthly Stitch) and I only worked out a couple of days ago how to change the size of my pictures! (and still have not worked out how to add the extra ones in TMS…)

  3. I love the accessory in the first set of photos. The black flowered strapy dress is pretty too. Maybe it will be a summery date sort of thing when you are not toting your accessory . The black dress is not horrible. Maybe it would look better shorter and shortening the sleeves? I have so many things like this that I sew then wonder if I like them and then they go to my unfinished alteration pile. Good Luck,

  4. Fantastic first blog post! Your dresses look beautiful and I love the photos with Harry. A real life moment is always good. I actually like the dark dress. But I can definitely see it with vintage cap sleeves. Would show off the silhouette of the dress.

    Thanks for sharing. have fun!

  5. Thanks everyone for your encouragement! Getting sewing feedback is great – I try to provoke the man in my life for praise but he still refers to skirts as dresses (surely I shouldn’t have to explain the difference?) and doesn’t understand that merely deciphering the instructions is commendable. I am trying to get through a few more unfinished pieces but have to admit I biffed a couple of them today.

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